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Pbw – The Great Collection

Release date : 08/15/2019
including x40 tracks
Pbw – Voyager 2 (DjEef’s Records) (00:08:12)
Pbw – Letting Go (I’m Free to Be) (DjEef’s Records) (00:08:20)
Pbw – Indulge Me (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:59)
Pbw – Funk Seduction (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:57)
Pbw – Untold Emotion (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:41)
Pbw – Steady Away (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:42)
Pbw – Rolling Dunes (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:39)
Pbw – New Horizons (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:52)
Pbw – Body Work (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:47)
Pbw – Deep Inside You (DjEef’s Records) (00:08:36)
Pbw – Different Worlds (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:54)
Pbw – Liquid Love (Hilly’s Space Bumps Remix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:03:04)
Pbw – From Beyond the Stars (DjEef’s Records) (00:10:55)
Pbw – Do You Get High (When She Flows Mix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:02)
Pbw – Do You Get High (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:51)
Pbw – Falling Back from Earth (DjEef’s Records) (00:10:14)
Pbw – Acid Shores (DjEef’s Records) (00:09:16)
Pbw – House Work (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:58)
Pbw – Sugar Coated (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:39)
Pbw – Full of Life (In Order to Understand Mix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:08:22)
Pbw – Let It In (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:44)
Pbw – Portrait of the Planets (DjEef’s Records) (00:08:38)
Pbw – Hollow Thoughts (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:20)
Pbw – Wrong Side of Town (DjEef’s Records) (00:08:52)
Pbw – Plug Me In (Turn Me on Mix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:08:47)
Pbw – Plug Me In (2 U Mix) (DjEef’s Records) (00:08:54)
Pbw – Plug Me In (DjEef’s Records) (00:05:44)
Pbw – Liquid Love (2017 Rework) (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:21)
Pbw – Body Rush (2017 Rework) (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:35)
Pbw – So Little Time (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:07)
Pbw – Landscape Unknown (DjEef’s Records) (00:06:04)
Pbw – Neptune Space (DjEef’s Records) (00:08:28)
Pbw – Power on Through (DjEef’s Records) (00:09:57)
Pbw – Full of Life (DjEef’s Records) (00:04:21)
Pbw – In My Dreams (DjEef’s Records) (00:11:41)
Pbw – Time Passing Time Passing Time (DjEef’s Records) (00:03:40)
Pbw – Look On (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:02)
Pbw – Do You Know the Way (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:58)
Pbw – Body Rush (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:34)
Pbw – Liquid Love (DjEef’s Records) (00:07:21)

Various Artists – Sommerbrise

Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Welcome to Deep House Nation (Jean Franglais Remix) ( DjEef’s Records )
on this compilation : Various Artists – Sommerbrise
Label : Deep House Amigo (Detroit))
Release date : 05/07/2019


Serge Legran – Tell Me (Extended Mix) (Superlative)
DJ Prodigio feat. Raphael Prince of Soul – Can You Feel It (Extended Mix) (Project Pro Music)
Clara La Roche – Gravity’s Influence (3 WORDS)
Never Heard – Rising Sun (Never Heard Records)
Lavida Losard – Escalate (Queen of Hearts Mix) (Anthropomorph Records)
S&S – Sputnik (3 WORDS)
Sgt.Elias – We Brought the Sound (Strange Stereo Storm Records)
Cubezar Hamburger Jung – Thing About You (Dance Mix) (Cubezar Records)
Chillelektro – Raahe (Nidra Music)
Never Heard – Rainforest Chant (Never Heard Records)
Aussteiger – Taperock (profound)
Ar Jay – Galaxy (Streamin Music)
Marc Moosbrugger – No Matter (Extended Mix) (Sweet Stuff Records)
Feldschieber – Never Runaway (Spring Edition) (360 Degree)
GZZ – Milf (GZZ)
Chill Refill – How Long (Chill Refill Productions)
Jakub Rene Kosik – Drowning in Your Eyes (Extended Mix) (Traquency Records)
Romeofoxtrott – You (Extended Mix) (Hunting For Emotion)
DJ Nenne feat. MaryRose – Inner Love (Mutant Bit)
Bostan feat. Mustech – Inside My Head (Aura Records)
Miguel Lando – Café Mango (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Sgt.Elias – Dive (Strange Stereo Storm Records)
Nigel Joe – Vocare (PulseTone Recordings)
Beta Function – Convecting (Quadriga Recordings)
Evan Hurkett – Turn Around (Creationz Records)
MI & DI – Shade of Grey (2K15) (Unique Records)
Adam Rise – Find My Way (Extended Mix) (Yhos Music Group)
Pearls of Ibiza – Grooveman (Club Mix) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Nando Fortunato – I’m Sorry (Extended Mix) (Infinity Rec.)
Tom Wilcox – In the Air Tonight (Extended) (Eastparcmusix)
The Translator – Calm the Ocean (The Sin Records)
Slashisticks – 49 Keys (Minitree)
Kuchinke & Bayer feat. Jetstream Pony – Self Destruct Reality (Memorypan Remix) (Electric Romeo Records)
Paul Killey – Trippin’ in Light (Flemish Bond Records)
Cosmocomics – Good Morning Senior (Sure Cuts Records)
Cosmocomics – Macho Bulgarian (Sure Cuts Records)
Sigother – Ellipsoids (Quadriga Recordings)
Paul Roth – Alone in the Forest (Dance Cube Records)
Prince of Venezia, Michel Grand & A Club Tunes – Day and Night I Love You (Records54)
Tommy Boccuto – Live Snait (B74records)
Babis Kotsanis – Sensually Dancing (Society 3.0)
Ghedzo feat. Lola Saint – The Beach (STOMP HOUSE RECORDS)
Maqar – Cycle Things (Toiled )
Rob Hayes – Stay Together (Audio Honey)
John Bert – Bonjour (Acid Journey Mix) (Writeback)
Kaysoul – Venice (Q Narongwate Remix) (Society 3.0)
Cirque du Freak – Ghost (Club Mix) (Clone 2.1 Records)
Max Zierke feat. Lara Gee – Tired & Lonely (Deep House Mix) (Beatbridge Records)
Nico Rein feat. Sascha Wallus – Blink (Soundatraq)
Stereo Palma & Sabotage – You Need Me (Extended) (Dancemania Recordings)
Daniel Trop – My Flower (Dancemania Recordings)
WiLL Hassegawa feat. Manu Tiemi – D. a. L. L. E. (Main Hall Sounds)
Gregor Weinberg – Wir sind das Ziel (Wolkenschub Audio)
Frederick Alonso feat. Wendy Demey – About You (Avenue6 Remix) (Stab Recordings)
Mykel Mars – Give Me the Sunshine (Retro Club Remix) (coolify)
Hakan Akkus – I Can’t Be (Ilkan Gunuc Remix) (The Sin Records)
Ogun Dalka feat. Dj Funky C – Color (Ilkan Gunuc & Osman Altun Remix) (The Sin Records)
Tom Klang – The Violins 2.0 (Club Mix) (4/4 Takt Records)
Genaro Fernandez – Spells & Charms (WEAN OFF Records)
Escobar (TR) & Bugra Ozel – Star Love (Remastered) (Eastern Disco)
United States of Dance – Cola (Plus Neon Remix) (Absinth Beats)
Tom Klang & Waikiki feat. Beatwohnung – Wenn der Regen fällt (Tom Klang Edit) (4/4 Takt Records)
Lovemaker – Love in Your Eyes (RVC)
Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Welcome to Deep House Nation (Jean Franglais Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
Idelcam – Solar System (Luxuria Kick Productions)
Tom Civic feat. Felicia Uwaje – Come Alive (Luis Teixeira & Roman G. Deep Edit) (Sounds United)
Coco Basel – I Don’t Know (Ibiza Extended Mix) (Hoboken House)
Alex Spite feat. Olga Shilova – Your Shine (Extended Mix) (Superlative)

Jean Deep feat.Dj Eef – Ying Yang Ep

***NEW RELEASE*** #djeefsrecords
DJ Eef Feat. Jean Deep – Ying Yang
Release date : 15/08/2019
1. DJ Eef Feat. Jean Deep Ying Yang (Jean Franglais Remix) DjEef’s Records 00:05:29 FR0000000325
2. DJ Eef Feat. Jean Deep Objective Moon (Jean Franglais Remix) DjEef’s Records 00:05:40 FRAR00000206
3. DJ Eef Feat. Jean Deep Trance Deep Space (Jean Franglais Remix) DjEef’s Records 00:06:49 FRAR00000188
4. DJ Eef Feat. Jean Deep Organic (Jean Franglais Remix) DjEef’s Records 00:06:19 FRAR00000187
5. DJ Eef Feat. Jean Deep Four on the Floor (Jean Franglais Remix