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Various Artists – Sommerbrise

Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Welcome to Deep House Nation (Jean Franglais Remix) ( DjEef’s Records )
on this compilation : Various Artists – Sommerbrise
Label : Deep House Amigo (Detroit))
Release date : 05/07/2019


Serge Legran – Tell Me (Extended Mix) (Superlative)
DJ Prodigio feat. Raphael Prince of Soul – Can You Feel It (Extended Mix) (Project Pro Music)
Clara La Roche – Gravity’s Influence (3 WORDS)
Never Heard – Rising Sun (Never Heard Records)
Lavida Losard – Escalate (Queen of Hearts Mix) (Anthropomorph Records)
S&S – Sputnik (3 WORDS)
Sgt.Elias – We Brought the Sound (Strange Stereo Storm Records)
Cubezar Hamburger Jung – Thing About You (Dance Mix) (Cubezar Records)
Chillelektro – Raahe (Nidra Music)
Never Heard – Rainforest Chant (Never Heard Records)
Aussteiger – Taperock (profound)
Ar Jay – Galaxy (Streamin Music)
Marc Moosbrugger – No Matter (Extended Mix) (Sweet Stuff Records)
Feldschieber – Never Runaway (Spring Edition) (360 Degree)
GZZ – Milf (GZZ)
Chill Refill – How Long (Chill Refill Productions)
Jakub Rene Kosik – Drowning in Your Eyes (Extended Mix) (Traquency Records)
Romeofoxtrott – You (Extended Mix) (Hunting For Emotion)
DJ Nenne feat. MaryRose – Inner Love (Mutant Bit)
Bostan feat. Mustech – Inside My Head (Aura Records)
Miguel Lando – Café Mango (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Sgt.Elias – Dive (Strange Stereo Storm Records)
Nigel Joe – Vocare (PulseTone Recordings)
Beta Function – Convecting (Quadriga Recordings)
Evan Hurkett – Turn Around (Creationz Records)
MI & DI – Shade of Grey (2K15) (Unique Records)
Adam Rise – Find My Way (Extended Mix) (Yhos Music Group)
Pearls of Ibiza – Grooveman (Club Mix) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Nando Fortunato – I’m Sorry (Extended Mix) (Infinity Rec.)
Tom Wilcox – In the Air Tonight (Extended) (Eastparcmusix)
The Translator – Calm the Ocean (The Sin Records)
Slashisticks – 49 Keys (Minitree)
Kuchinke & Bayer feat. Jetstream Pony – Self Destruct Reality (Memorypan Remix) (Electric Romeo Records)
Paul Killey – Trippin’ in Light (Flemish Bond Records)
Cosmocomics – Good Morning Senior (Sure Cuts Records)
Cosmocomics – Macho Bulgarian (Sure Cuts Records)
Sigother – Ellipsoids (Quadriga Recordings)
Paul Roth – Alone in the Forest (Dance Cube Records)
Prince of Venezia, Michel Grand & A Club Tunes – Day and Night I Love You (Records54)
Tommy Boccuto – Live Snait (B74records)
Babis Kotsanis – Sensually Dancing (Society 3.0)
Ghedzo feat. Lola Saint – The Beach (STOMP HOUSE RECORDS)
Maqar – Cycle Things (Toiled )
Rob Hayes – Stay Together (Audio Honey)
John Bert – Bonjour (Acid Journey Mix) (Writeback)
Kaysoul – Venice (Q Narongwate Remix) (Society 3.0)
Cirque du Freak – Ghost (Club Mix) (Clone 2.1 Records)
Max Zierke feat. Lara Gee – Tired & Lonely (Deep House Mix) (Beatbridge Records)
Nico Rein feat. Sascha Wallus – Blink (Soundatraq)
Stereo Palma & Sabotage – You Need Me (Extended) (Dancemania Recordings)
Daniel Trop – My Flower (Dancemania Recordings)
WiLL Hassegawa feat. Manu Tiemi – D. a. L. L. E. (Main Hall Sounds)
Gregor Weinberg – Wir sind das Ziel (Wolkenschub Audio)
Frederick Alonso feat. Wendy Demey – About You (Avenue6 Remix) (Stab Recordings)
Mykel Mars – Give Me the Sunshine (Retro Club Remix) (coolify)
Hakan Akkus – I Can’t Be (Ilkan Gunuc Remix) (The Sin Records)
Ogun Dalka feat. Dj Funky C – Color (Ilkan Gunuc & Osman Altun Remix) (The Sin Records)
Tom Klang – The Violins 2.0 (Club Mix) (4/4 Takt Records)
Genaro Fernandez – Spells & Charms (WEAN OFF Records)
Escobar (TR) & Bugra Ozel – Star Love (Remastered) (Eastern Disco)
United States of Dance – Cola (Plus Neon Remix) (Absinth Beats)
Tom Klang & Waikiki feat. Beatwohnung – Wenn der Regen fällt (Tom Klang Edit) (4/4 Takt Records)
Lovemaker – Love in Your Eyes (RVC)
Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Welcome to Deep House Nation (Jean Franglais Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
Idelcam – Solar System (Luxuria Kick Productions)
Tom Civic feat. Felicia Uwaje – Come Alive (Luis Teixeira & Roman G. Deep Edit) (Sounds United)
Coco Basel – I Don’t Know (Ibiza Extended Mix) (Hoboken House)
Alex Spite feat. Olga Shilova – Your Shine (Extended Mix) (Superlative)

Various Artists – Maximum Fitness Trainer

Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Mystic River (Jean Franglais Remix) ( DjEef’s Records )
David Bitton – Red Ball ( DjEef’s Records )
On this compilation: Various Artists – Maximum Fitness Trainer
Release Date : 25/05/2019
Label : Sports Audio Tools


Christian Belt – Little Slap Ear Dalai Lama (Bc Music)
LUX3L – Odyssey (Extended Mix) (Lovertrax)
Timmy D & DJ Bullskull – Techno Libre (Munich Monkey Beats)
North Core Project – Disco Bitch (NorthCore Productions)
Emiel Roche – The Human Being (HotSenses Records)
Feldschieber – Can I Get with You (360 Degree)
Adam The Tree – Sellout (DaeTree Recordings)
Jo Fridan – Dolphin (Radio Version) (Axi Records)
DJ-Chart – Isolation (Trance Version) (I.H. Music Productions)
Thorsten Bongartz – True Summer (Radio Edit) (Del Mar Records)
Plastic Thomas Orchestra – Carmen Bytes (PTO Remix) (eClassical Records)
The North Works – Fast Driving (Club Mix) (TB Music)
Hardmiz & Lennart de Wilde – Oblivion (D-Force Records)
Love Drone – Big Beat 18 (She’s Super)
Kialph – 7 Years in Space (Vocal Extended Mix) (M12 Labs)
Cime Heqo – United (Galaxy Records)
Supertons – Hang Up (Flesh Recordings)
Daniele Kama – Funk Me (Flesh Recordings)
Genaro Fernandez – 2+2 (Flesh Recordings)
TimeWaster – Like a Circle (BRAMD Remix Long) (Plplpl.)
L4m – Slow Down (Qbeat)
Alvaro Arroyo – God Dream (Draft-E Records)
Crissfader – All Lawyers False & Fake (Extended Version) (Mixed)
Ceres – Zeit (Donut Records)
Gijs de Mik – Without You (Yence505 Remix) (D-Force Records)
Modis Chrisha – Ten Minus One (Modis Records)
Pre Brooklyn – Exit (Nidra Music)
Long Island Ice Tea – Think About You (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
DIMIX – Far Beyond (Instrumental) (Streamin Music)
Patrick de Ville – Schwarz 2.0 (Achtundsechzig)
Bandmachine – Show (TVPA&M Record Company)
L.porsche – Montreux (K-m-Record)
Jens Brzoska – Way of Collective (ATrance Records)
Cime Heqo – Odyssee (Galaxy Records)
Filthy Rhodes – Technazza & Carnazza (Funduzm Records)
The Strap – Dirty Talk (ToschMusic)
Flambo – Trancetastic (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
About Vegas – When You Come Home (Mike Rules Dub Remix) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Samuel La Manna – Nemesis 2.0 (LOWEGATE)
Everbeat – Meaningless (Club Mix) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Dr. Nexus – Everytime We Touch (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
DJT – Rise of the Lion (Blue Layer Remix) (Leeloop Fanatix Records)
Christian Tamberger – Europe (CTBR Records)
Fiorez – The Drum (Rightful Records)
The J effect – Separazione (Grimm Skeptik)
Veggie Beats – Look Forward (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
DJ Jacky Joe – Come with Me (L8T Recordings)
Dancefloor Revolution – Tonight (Dancefloor Revolution Music)
One Two Eight – Dancing with a Stranger (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Bart $mart – Super Speed (Donut Records)
Mysterymachine – Crystal Clear (Synthetic Source Records)
Prince of Venezia, Michel Grand & A Club Tunes – Day and Night I Love You (Instrumental) (Records54)
nocoolkid – Prometheus (nocoollabel)
Mokumtek – Liever Koekjes (Fugazy Entertainment)
Daan Verbaan – The Law (Drunx Remix) (Fugazy Entertainment)
Alex Progress – Visitors (Sound Progress)
Emanuele Braveri feat. Marcia Juell – Moments (Edit Mix) (Andorfine Records)
Kerris feat. Sally Jane Corlett – You Were Waiting (Eddie Lung & DJ T.H. Radio Edit) (Andorfine Records)
Alex Progress – Vision (Sound Progress)
Paul Seling – Skyline (Subspace Transmissions)
Packo Gualandris – Ready Set Go (Ipsographic-records)
Sungazers – Beneath the Sky (Radio Cut) (Andorfine Records)
Luc Canetti – Hit the Slide (Obazda)
Andy Groove feat. Sam Vince – The Knot (Omniks Edit) (Andorfine Records)
Schneider & Haze feat. eSoreni – Si Balla (Zato’s Tech-House Interpretation) (Deployed Rhythm)
Mindsoundscapes – Grasping Life (Radio Cut) (Andorfine Records)
Suonos – Willow (Mixed) (Spived)
Squeezer – High Heels (Chris & Andrews Radio Cut) (Andorfine Records)
Tony Romanello – Feel My House (JUDAS)
Sun Liquide – Infinity (Radio Edit) (Andorfine Records)
Komi G – Oh Baby (Radio Edit) (Komimusic)
Clarian Elfenberg – Memory (Radio Edit) (Rfn-records)
Rodriguez – Drop the Bass (Traumamix) (Rfn-records)
Mantra Mindware – The Dreamer (Goa Edit) (Mindware Lab)
Marceo – Renaissance (Flymusik Records)
W.a.r.z. – Anywhere (Uncensored Recordings)
DJ D-Rave vs. Ravergizer – Look Ahead (Extended Mix) (D!-Rave Records)
FORCES – Fireborn (TAR 10th Anniversary Anthem) [Radio Edit] (Trance All-Stars Records)
Alex Progress – Cosmic Impulse (Sound Progress)
Manni – Batucada (Renato Cohen Remix) (Society 3.0)
Koios K. – Tools (Creative-House)
Wunkeris – Cowboy (Steazee)
Ohm – Friday Night Clubbing (Sound of Ohm)
Montrice Project – Tanzt (Downtempo Edit) (Rfn-records)
Frankie Volo & Stefano Cioffi – Rock the House (Conic Records)
Dory Badawi – 28 Crypts (Trance All-Stars Records)
Evgeny Pacuk & Mohamed Ahmed – Inspiration (Trance All-Stars Records)
Christian Belt – Prologue (Bc Music)
Sen Etan – Blind 3101 (Club Edit) (Streamin Music)
Jakepool – Traffic (North Code Records.)
Kusta5 feat. Summer Haze – More Than You Need (NeoMonkey Remix) (PulseTone Recordings)
Sentinel – Mosaic (Sentinel music)
Transponder – A Bandits Law (New Life Soundmagazine)
nldx & Banger Beats – Endless (Gangsta Musik)
Gaty Lopez – Forever and Ever (Dub Mix) (Eastern Disco)
Glammer Twins – Crushs Groove 2 (Humbolt Gremberg Remix) (Glammer Music)
Ogun Dalka feat. Dj Funky C – Color (Huseyin Onen & Nage Baruch Remix) (The Sin Records)
DJ Westbeat – In the Sky (Tektonauts Remix) (Third Floor Recordings)
Transponder feat. Leaether Strip – All You Need Is E. B. M. (New Life Soundmagazine)
Drunx & The Grandmaster Joep – Beers for the DJ (Fugazy Entertainment)
Mokumtek – Smeerkees (Fugazy Entertainment)
Enrico Chirchiello – Log In (Flesh Recordings)
Alex Progress – Electro Brain (Sound Progress)
Datenbahn – Sloot Coding (Obazda)
Morty Simmons – Hands up Is Dead (Summertunez! Remix) (Wuze Records)
Club ShakerZ – Damn Hot (L.S.R.)
Xlnce – Prediction (Code Affinity Records)
Imperfect Machines – Forms (Deep Different)
Mkdeluxemusic – Beat It (Mkdeluxemusicrecords)
D.C. LaRue – Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (Michael Kruse & Chris Cowley Progressive Remix) (Khb Music)
D’Jaeger – Melancholy of Life (Trance All-Stars Records)
Latin Tranceman – Where the Sun Always Shines (RVC)
2Tech – We Made It Happen (RVC)
Sunlight Project – Stay with Me (Sunlight Melodies)
Josè F – Mr. Merwa (Society 3.0)
Josè F – Lose Your Trouble (Dodò [IT] Remix) (Society 3.0)
Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Mystic River (Jean Franglais Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
David Bitton – Red Ball (DjEef’s Records)
Camoflash – Whiteout (Dan Rubell Remix) (Quadriga Recordings)
Z Musto – Nrgy (Quadriga Recordings)
Christopher Corrigan – Falling (Vocal Mix) (EDM Cell Records)
Joe Hansen – Upside Down (lvl-network)

Various Artists – Spring Break King Miami

Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – The Dub House (Jean Franglais Remix) ( DjEef’s Records )
On this compilation: Various Artists – Spring Break King Miami
Release Date : 28/04/2019
Label : House Place Records


Ellle Fach – Awkning (Neele Records)
Jo Fridan – Dolphin (Radio Version) (Axi Records)
DJ-Chart – Deep Afraid (Vocal House) (I.H. Music Productions)
Levin Scheips – Impaired Perception (Kellerbeats Records)
Plastic Thomas Orchestra – Valkyrie Wants a Wagon (PTO Remix) (eClassical Records)
Gianlupo – Funky (GianLupo Magic Records)
Thorsten Bongartz – Future Drop (Extended Mix) (Del Mar Records)
Cristian Van Gurgel – Terminator Machine (7.23 Records)
Aycan – Seduced (Radio Edit) (Andorfine Records)
Barcera – Secret of Love (Alex Megane Radio Edit) (Andorfine Records)
Brisby & Jingles – You (Inspiration Vibes RMX Edit) (Andorfine Records)
Claus van Haiden – 666 (Brisby & Jingles Radio) (Andorfine Records)
Club Rockerz – Wahre Liebe (Club Radio) (Andorfine Records)
DeeCee – Walking in the Sky (DJ Deamon Radio) (Andorfine Records)
Ozi Meets Tom Mountain – Dreams (Max Deejay Radio Mix) (Andorfine Records)
Squeezer – High Heels (Chris & Andrews Radio Cut) (Andorfine Records)
The Yorkers – All I Want Is You (Central Seven Remix) (Andorfine Records)
Tom Le Mont feat. Starship – We Built This City (Topmodelz Radio Mix) (Andorfine Records)
Turbo Lovers – Let’s Go Trippin’ (Radio Cut) (Andorfine Records)
Stars ‘n’ Stripes – Self Esteem (Klubbrockerz Radio Mix) (Andorfine Records)
Central Seven – Neverland (Commercial Club Crew Radio Edit) (Andorfine Records)
Fun Brothers – Summer Dreaming (Stacccato vs Blue Nature Radio Mix) (Andorfine Records)
Aycan – Divided (Radio Edit) (Andorfine Records)
Stonie – Turntables Turn (Radio Version) (Andorfine Records)
Grey T – Get Louder (Freddy Fader Radio Edit) (Andorfine Records)
Felix & Gianx feat. Paki & Jaro – Hoppe (Radio Edit) (Andorfine Records)
Alex Progress – IM Hero (Sound Progress)
Backfire Alpha – Intro (wechselstrommusic)
Alex Progress – Lovers Heroes (Sound Progress)
Joos.Ttik – Mirror (Sulino Records)
Dante Benami – X-Track (Electronica Futura)
Marceo – Pragmatism (Flymusik Records)
Modis Chrisha – Falling Angels (Rising Angels Mix) (Modis Records)
Robin Hirte – Roatan (das ohr digital)
Vibronic Nation feat. NatiD7 – Dibididap (Radio Edit) (Rgmusic Records)
Setter – Titan (Setrecords)
Autor X – Timezz (Tail Spin Remix) (Projection)
Sakin Bozkurt & Commander Tom – Fear the Walking Dead (Club Mix) (Clone 2.1 Records)
Calabria – The Return (Club Mix) (Clone 2.1 Records)
Cristian Van Gurgel – Poseidon (7.23 Records)
HC!90 – La Pasión (WEAN OFF Records)
DJ Jebediah – Weltkulturerbe (Jebediah Records)
Sascha C. – Here we go Again (Eple House Mix) (Rfn-records)
Greyhawk – Lost in Space (HotSenses Records)
Dj Hirurg – Organ Bass (Mosaic Sound System)
Dj Yozh – I Wait You (Mosaic Sound System)
Phil Terd – Broken (Baumhouse Records)
Clarian Elfenberg – Memory (Radio Edit) (Rfn-records)
Distale – Purfive (Foment)
Greenskiez – Dark & Light (League of Lyons)
Alex Progress – Stupid Impulse (Sound Progress)
Nico Rein feat. Mario Kolbe – She Got What I Need (Soundatraq)
0ctillion – Bloomberg (Rightful Records)
Tiltsphere – Beans (Short Version) (Vincent Noxx Records)
White Azz Suckers – Una (Steazee)
Eklopega – Melody of Kalimba (Party Mix) (Rfn-records)
Walo Pils – Massive (Steazee)
Steazee – Firestarter (Steazee)
Crew 7 – So Good (Club Edit) (Andorfine Records)
Alpha-X & Stockenman – Everything You Say (Radio Edit) (Andorfine Records)
Stalot – Warehouse 91 (27-Hits)
Gregor Weinberg – La Familia (Wolkenschub Audio)
Jaan Rozz – Love (Extended Mix) (G Martell)
Axl – Sunset (Extended Mix) (G Martell)
Levent Er – Uchantom (Pro Clubbin Records)
Joe Di Bianco – Seizures (Offline Recordings)
Dejvid Kavazovic – Take It (Not Equal Records)
Garagestylerz – My Touch (coolify)
Pete Spix – Pyano (coolify)
Fritzbeat – Your Hero (Dana Blade Instrumental) (coolify)
Felix Gaertner – Bodyrock (coolify)
Disco Bros – Second Chances (coolify)
Dana Blade – All I Need (coolify)
Brooklyn House Bangers – Make Some Noise (coolify)
Ted Peters & JaBig – It Is a Treasure (Groovetto)
Reductionz! – Rave Bitches (Radio Edit) (Rgmusic Records)
Fungist – Handsup Makes Me Spin Around (Rgmusic Records)
Grand Giro – My House System (Club deux )
Crazzy Rabbit – Asturia (Mosaic Sound System)
Wild und Verwegen – Sombrero (Eisenwaren)
Modis Chrisha – Oblivion (Modis Records)
Indipol – Human Ape (Eisenwaren)
Arix & K4SPRO – Kicks Me Out (Extended Mix) (Sea Air Media) – Nachtigall (Nino Weber Remix) (Neele Records)
BRAMD – A New Day (Handz Upperz Remix) (Rgmusic Records)
Alex Progress – Scanning (Sound Progress)
nldx & Banger Beats – Exodus (Gangsta Musik)
Robin Hirte – Amber Cove (das ohr digital)
Naksi & Brunner – Rodina (Dancemania Recordings)
Marc Veiz – Everybody (Offline Recordings)
Disco Bros – Second Chances (Extended Mix) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Hacer Hould – Offering (Steazee)
Alex Progress – Nature Sound (Sound Progress)
Lefrenk – Static (Deep Different)
Imperfect Machines – Sunrise (Deep Different)
Morty Simmons – Hands Up Is Dead (Wuze Records)
Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – The Dub House (Jean Franglais Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
DJ Prodigio feat. Raphael Prince of Soul – Samba Comigo (Project Pro Music)
Flight74 – Crashed (Vinyle Magique Music)
Margherita Cecchi – Shine (Harder Remix) (Metropolitan Recordings)
Rinaldo Montezz presents Lola Lee – Bette Davis Eyes (DJ Sies Remix) (Dmn Records)
Max Bertolesi – Deeply (Factory Beat Recordings)
Modis Chrisha – Repeating Circles (Modis Records)
Alessandro Basile – Imagine (Flymusik Records)
MHA – From Afrika to Afghanistan (FauxPat Remix) (Issa Records)
While – Laomedea (While (Everyone’s Rec.))
Aram – Sanctis (Aram Records)
Brooklyn House Bangers – Make Some Noise (Edit) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Tony Wong – Back 2 Back (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Chris Cowley, Steve S. & Decibel Rockerz feat. Denyse LePage – Agent 808 (Michael Kruse in da House Remix) (Khb Music)
Christopher Baumann – Fantasy (Radio Edit) (Rgmusic Records)
OEZ (DE) – World Beyond Us (Neele Records)

Vincent Noxx – Funky Sounds of House, Vol. 1

Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Funk Station (Jean Franglais Remix) ( DjEef’s Records )
On this compilation: Vincent Noxx – Funky Sounds of House, Vol. 1
Release Date : 18/04/2019
Label : Vincent Noxx Records


Charlie Spot – Carnival 2019 (I Bounce Records)
Fran&co – Vibe (House Healed Me Vocal Edit) (
House Frenchie’s – Jjep (Distil Records)
Jonse & Bengt van Steegen – Ain’t a Housefloor (Jonse Records)
Jean Deep feat. DJ Eef – Funk Station (Jean Franglais Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
Samuel La Manna – New York (LOWEGATE)
Modfunk – Love & Hate (Phunkmasters Remix) (Life Is Music Entertainment)
David del Olmo and Syrk and Akire Selarom – Candela (Friend Sound)
Roger Miller & Tom Leeland – On the Road to Night (TL Extended) (Sounds United)
Corosun – Nautilus (Daniel Dope Remix) (Junique Musique)
NFC & Key Sokur – Homeless (QuieroRecordings)
Soulful-Cafe – Give on up to You (Soulful Cafe)

Various Artists – Lieblingsmusik 08

DJ Eef – Little Spicy (David Caetano Remix) ( DjEef’s Records )
On this compilation : Various Artists – Lieblingsmusik 08
Label : Wald Und Wiese
Release Date : 06/06/2019


Flatfoot Jones – Crank It Up (Ton Liebt Klang)
Sebastian Fleischer & Ill-Boy Phil – Black (Ton Liebt Klang)
Homebase – Floorfreude (Ton Liebt Klang)
Merlin Drueg – Loop (Ton Liebt Klang)
Neal Porter & Fabs# – Daily Rituals (Tinush Remix) (Ton Liebt Klang)
Herbert Vequna – One Hand (k:lender)
Alex Progress – IM Hero (Sound Progress)
Setter – Titan (Setrecords)
Rocketpunk – At Cooking (Quadriga Recordings)
Emiel Roche – The Human Being (HotSenses Records)
Atosi – Antagonist D2 (Day Release Night)
Tiefenschoen – Seismós (Gretchen Will Tanzen)
Gonzalo Risso – Beat Them All (Eisenwaren)
Manni – Batucada (Renato Cohen Remix) (Society 3.0)
Ivankstek – Dualism (Antarctic Records)
Gregor Weinberg – La Familia (Wolkenschub Audio)
Koogel – Beat On (Eisenwaren)
Marc Veiz – Buchu Caluchu (Offline Recordings)
Lefrenk – Static (Deep Different)
Camoflash – Whiteout (Dan Rubell Remix) (Quadriga Recordings)
Kick & Key – Peak Down (Velasquez Records)
The Alien Brainchild Project – The Nighttrain (Radio Version) (United Booking Records)
DJ Eef – Little Spicy (David Caetano Remix) (DjEef’s Records)
Club ShakerZ feat. Virag – Lose Control (L.S.R.)
OEZ (DE) – World Beyond Us (Neele Records)
Retrosynco – Eclectic Mixture (Quadriga Recordings)
Kivema – It’s All About Tech House (V.M.K Records)
Clique Rouge – Centaur (Obazda)
Dana Blade – All I Need (Extended Mix) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Filtercut – Eargasm (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Louis Desero – Genesis (Desero Beats)
Raumlehre – Antagonistic (Obazda)
Hipster Aura – Linear Shadows (Quadriga Recordings)
Corosun – Nautilus (Tom La Mer Remix) (Junique Musique)
Joe Luthor – World (Eastern Disco)
Le Kawumm – Populace (Dan Rubell Remix) (Obazda)
Club ShakerZ – Deeper (L.S.R.)
Yonel Gee – Security Alarm (Saphir Soft Records)

Various Artists – Miami WMC 2019

David Bitton – Meant to Be Love ( DjEef’s Records )
On this compilation : Various Artists – Miami WMC 2019
Label : Dirrty Budapest
Release Date : 03/08/2019